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American Frankenstein is a timely response to the need for current-day Americans to revisit the history, and the variety of experiences and realities of the Black existence in America. Until recently, the possibility of a serious attempt to reconstruct African Americans would have fallen on deaf ears, if not ignored completely, as our country’s White majority has generally not been ready or willing to acknowledge or accept the root causes of the African American condition.  American Frankenstein emphasizes the cause-and-effect connection between the deprived blighted history that Blacks have endured in the United States of America, and the resulting self-destructive, hopeless existence of many African Americans today. 
American Frankenstein provides a reflective analysis for folks old enough to remember the highlights of the Civil Rights era, and the consciousness it raised within White America about the unfairness and injustice in our society. It also provides context for younger readers and foreigners for whom the only connection to these issues is sketchy accounts in history books and “politically correct” periodic television programming during Black History Month.


American Frankenstein aims to substantiate why re-reconstruction is required now, before it is too late, which is targeted at the segment of society born or immigrated in the 1970s or later. These citizens have no direct memory of the trying times endured by African Americans who came before them. In addition, time is quickly moving forward and closing the chapter on the experiences that resulted in today’s Black reality in America. While there will always be historical references to these past events, society will eventually view it as just that, historical references to past events, rather than root causes to the Black condition. 

American Frankenstein paints a clear picture of the causal factors resulting in today’s African American reality, which, at a minimum, should educate the masses on root causes for the African American condition, and why African Americans represent either a vastly untapped pool of American human capital, or a huge catalyst in America’s downward social spiral.

About American Frankenstein

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